Top 5 from Facebook Live with Zay Jones
June 23, 2017 03:00 PM | Lauren Hall
Rookie wide receiver Zay Jones recently answered fan questions during a live session on the Buffalo Bills Facebook page. Here are the top 5 highlights:

1. He's been developing a close relationship with Sammy Watkins

Ever since Zay was drafted in April, veteran Wide Receiver Sammy Watkins has taken him under his wing. They've even been spending time together away from the facility, which has made a strong impression on Jones.

"I just see how humble, and how nice of a man he is, and how much he cares," Jones said about Watkins. "The time he takes to help me, and all the little details. He's already taken me to lunch with him just to hang out. It just shows what type of man he is, because he has a family, but he takes time for a young rookie, just to get to know me."

2. His basketball nickname was "Big Buckets"

"When I was younger, I played basketball, and people called me 'Big Buckets,'" Zay explained. "I didn't play that much, basketball wasn't my thing, but that's the only nickname I can think of on the spot." The only nickname other than Zay, that is. His full name is Isiah, but during his time at Eastern Carolina University, teammates and fans began calling him Zay. His mom has a couple other nicknames for her son, though.

"She calls me Isiah, Zay, Zay-Zay, Sweetheart, all that good stuff. My mom definitely started the Zay-Zay, though," he said.

3. He's "hype" to play in the snow

Growing up in Texas and playing college football in Carolina, Zay didn't get a lot of chances to play in winter weather.

"It's going to be my first time, really. I have played in some games where there was a little rain or mist or whatever, but not full on snow, so I'm excited about that. It's something that you dream of as a little kid, playing football in the snow like that, so it's going to be exciting," he said. "Not all the time, you know. A couple games is fine."

4. He and Tre'Davious White are roommates

Zay and first round draft pick Cornerback Tre'Davious White shared an apartment during OTAs and minicamp, and quickly become best buds. Even though they often matched up against each other in practice, they still got along great at home.

"He's so funny, man, he's an awesome guy. Super humble, just fun to be around, makes you laugh, and he makes practice better, we complete every day," Zay said. "We talk about it, I mess with him, but I mean, Tre-Davious is a phenomenal player, and he's doing a really good job. I'm super proud of him. Just to spend time with him, getting to know him more as a person has been awesome."

5. He doesn't have a preview of his touchdown celebration just yet

How many touchdowns is Zay hoping to catch this year?

"As many as I can, and do the best that I can for the team, obviously," he says. "It's not going to be about me, though, but how can this offense be explosive and dominant, and ultimately get us in that playoff push."

"I'm sure (Wide Receivers) Coach Phil (McGeoghan) would be ripping me for dancing right now," Zay responded when asked if he has any plans for his end zone celebrations. "He says be seen and not heard, so that's all I'm trying to do right now."

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